Bill Folder With Full Colour Print

Leather Check Holder | Personalized Receipt Holder | Guest Check In Book | Restaurant Server Book Card Holder | Check Presenter With Leather Pocket

Branded Bill Folder – Product Specifications

  • Made With High Quality PU Leatherette (Faux Leather, Leatherette, Vegan Leather)
  • Your Custom Artwork Can Be Printed In Full Colour – Edge to Edge Printing
  • Print Your Custom Logo & Design Onto The Bill Folder
  • Debossing Can Be Done
  • Custom Sizes Can Be Done (Please enquire)
  • This Product Can Be Shipped Nationally & Internationally
  • Proudly Manufactured in South Africa

The Most Customizable Bill Folder!

Looking For A Custom Bill Folder For Your Restaurant?

Bill Folders are a necessity for any catering establishment such as a restaurant or any establishment where money is transferred through a server/waiter instead of directly to the cashier. What makes our custom bill folders really stand out from the crowd is the customizations that can be done. Through customization, you can achieve a bill folder that is unique and leaves a lasting impression. Simply using a piece of paper to server a receipt to your customers isn’t enough to leave a good impression. Through the use of a custom bill folder, your customer will have that sort of high-end experience and feel.


Thanks to our advanced manufacturing facility and machinery, we are able offer just about any customization options. Our bill folders are fully customizable! Choose any colour of your choosing that matches your brand’s style and personality. We are also able to do full colour prints (edge to edge printing). The customization options we offer are endless. No matter what type of design style you’re going for, we can do it!


Print your company’s logo onto your PU Leather Cheque Holder, Personalized Receipt Holder, Guest Check-In Book, Restaurant Server Book, Card Holder or Cheque Presenter. Whether it’s laser printing, debossing or edge to edge printing you want, we can do it! Our Check Holders can be customized and sized according to your individual requirements and preferences.


Leather Check Holder | Personalized Receipt Holder | Guest Check In Book | Restaurant Server Book Card Holder | Check Presenter With Leather Pocket

Our Bill Folders are manufactured using High Quality PU Leatherette or ‘Faux Leather’. This material looks and feel similar to genuine leather and cost just a fraction of what a genuine leather bill folder would! This leather look makes it look really luxurious and adds a nice premium feel to the bill folders. This material is durable, wear-resistant and naturally beautiful, and looks stunning. We have designed and chosen our materials very carefully to ensure that our Receipt Holders / Waiters Books can handle day to day usage without taking much damage. We know that traffic at restaurants are high and it simply isn’t feasible to use a new bill folder every week. That is why when designing our product, we made sure the materials used and processes resulted in a bill folder that is capable of withstanding day to day usage with ease.

We Ship All Across South Africa!

Whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London, Durban or anywhere in South Africa, we can ship to you! We also supply our Receipt Book Covers to neighboring countries such as Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho, Swaziland, Nigeria, Congo & More. Contact us for a FREE QUOTE on international shipping rates.


We offer the best pricing on all our hospitality products! Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE & let us take your restaurant’s presentation to the next level!


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