Shipper Box – Full Colour With Printing

Custom Made Shipping Box With Printing – Full Coverage Digital Print

Deliver your product to your customers in style with our custom made corrugated shipping boxes. Our shipper boxes can be manufactured in any size, shape and colour with full colour, full coverage, edge-to-edge digital printing.

These boxes are the most economical choice for shipping items. They’re strong, and secure without skimping on style

Product Specifications:

  • Manufactured using Eco-Friendly E Flute Corrugated Cardboard
  • 3 Layers of Fiber For Extra Strong Protection
  • Full Coverage Digital Printing
  • Available in Any Colour
  • Recyclable
  • We Ship All Across South Africa & Africa
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Custom Made Shipping Boxes

Looking For The Most Affordable Cardboard Boxes For Shipping?

Our Eco-friendly Cardboard Shipping Boxes Are the Perfect Solution for All Retailers, E-commerce Stores, Instagram Businesses, Clothing Retailers, Online Stores & More. These Cardboard Shipper Boxes Are the Most Economical Choice for Shipping Bulkier Items. Since They Are Corrugated, They Offer a Greater Level of Protection Compared to Traditional Cardboard Boxes. If You Are Looking for Shipper Boxes That Are Strong and Secure Without Skimping on Style, Then Our Custom Made Shipper Boxes With Printing Is the Ideal Choice for You.

Why Choose Corrugated Shipping Boxes?

Cardboard Boxes Are Useful for a Variety of Personal and Business Uses. Many Online Stores and Retailers Use Shipper Boxes Made of Corrugated Cardboard for Shipping, Moving, Storing, Organizing and More.

Common Uses For Custom Made Cardboard Shipper Boxes:

Our Eco-friendly Cardboard Shipping Boxes Are Versatile and Sturdy Enough to Hold Many Different Items, Making Them Excellent for Moving or Shipping Goods to Your Customers. Our Customers Generally Use Custom Shipper Boxes for:

                        • Storing & Organizing Books
                        • Packing Products For Shipping
                        • Storing or Shipping Garments or clothing
                        • Storing or Shipping Decor Items
                        • Storing Items When Relocating
                        • Improving Brand/Product Presentation
                        • & A lot More

Our Shipper Boxes Are Eco-Friendly, Reusable & Recyclable!

Why You Should Use Custom Made Shipper Boxes?

Corrugated Shipping Boxes Are Very Lightweight and Can Be Made in Any Sizes. The E Flute Corrugated Box Is a Lot More Sturdy and Stronger Compared to Standard Cardboard Boxes and This Allows the Box to Add an Extra Bit of Protection Which Is Necessary for Shipping Goods. When Goods Leave Your Store, You Have No Control Over How It Reaches Your Customer. If Rough Handled, Your Customer Will Have a Negative Experience. That Is Why It Is Crucial That You Use the Right Shipper Boxes for Your Products.

Our Shipping Box is Fully Customizable!

Custom Sizes:

We Offer Fully Customizable Sizes. Whether It’s a Small Shipper Box for Shipping Jewellery, Watches, Small Items or Whether It’s Clothing, Books, Shoes & Larger Items, We Can Make a Box That Fits Your Needs! With Out Custom Range, You Don’t Have to Purchase a Large Shipper Box When All You Ship Are Small Items. Using Large Shipping Boxes Might End Up Costing You More in Shipping Compared to if You Used a Custom Made Corrugated Shipping Box From Us!

Custom Shapes:

‘Wow’ Your Customers With a Custom Shape Shipper Box! We Are Able to Manufacture Custom Boxes in Any Shape & Therefore You Are Able to Add a Personal Touch & Increase Your Brand’s Recognition by Using a Shipping Box That’s Different From the ‘norm’.


Lower Your Carbon Footprint! Our Custom Made Boxes Are Manufactured Using Eco-friendly Cardboard That Can Be Recycled.

Pair It With Our Custom Made Wrapping Paper!

Instead of Using Plastic Bubble Wrap, You Can Purchase Custom Made, Printed Wrapping Paper From Us to Further Personalize Your Product and Improve the Presentation. Your Customers Will Love This Added Touch & the Environment Will Thank You for Using This Eco-friendly Plastic Alternative!

Custom Shipper Boxes With Printing!

We Offer Our Customers the Ability to Have Their Logo or Artwork Custom Printed Onto the Shipper Boxes. That Means You Can Have Your Logo Printed Onto Your Shipping Boxes to Personalize It Even Further. We Also Offer Our Custom Made Boxes in Any Colour of Your Choice! Whether It’s a Black You Prefer or White, We Can Do It! No Matter the Colour You Require, We Are Able to Make It Tailored to Your Needs!

No Print Is Too Big!

That’s Right! We Are Able to Print in Full Colour, Edge to Edge Which Means Your Shipper Box Can Contain Your Full Artwork and Have Full Print Coverage!

Are Shipper Boxes Reusable?

It’s Always Best to Use a New Box When You Can as Cardboard Boxes Tend to Get Worn Out the More They Are Used Due to Handling or Strain if Heavy Items Are Stored in Them. If You Are Reusing a Cardboard Box for Shipping, Check for Holes, Tears or Water Damage as These Could Potentially Cause the Items Stored in It to Get Damaged. The Best Thing About Cardboard Mailing Boxes Is That They Never Go to Waste. Even if They Are Damaged, They Can Still Be Flattened and Used for Floor Padding or They Can Be Placed Into Cardboard Recycle Bins.

What Is The Difference Between Corrugated & Cardboard Shipping Boxes?

Cardboard Boxes Are Single-layer and Are Only Secure for Shipping Small, Lightweight Items. Corrugated Shipper Boxes on the Other Hand Are a Lot More Stronger by Design. They Have Three Layers of Fiber – an Inside Layer, an Outside Layer and a Fluted Layer Between the Two Outer Sheets. This Design Allows It to Support More Weak and Offer a Greater Level of Protection. If You Are Shipping Internationally or Sending Heavy or Fragile Items That Need Extra Protection, Then You Should Consider Using Our Strong Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes.

Shipper Boxes Johannesburg, Cape Town & More!

We Supply Our Custom Mailer Boxes To All. Whether You Are A Small Home Business Or A Medium/Large Enterprise, We Can Take Care of All Your Shipping Needs. Don’t Let The Size Fool You! We Spent A Lot of Time Ensuring That Our Custom Mailer Boxes Are Durable & Able To Protect The Contents Inside. Thanks To Our Customization Options, You Can Brand It To Match Your Style & Give Your Customers An Unboxing Experience That Will Make Them Shop Again!

Searching For Custom Shipping Boxes South Africa?

We Ship Our Custom Made Shipper Boxes All Across South Africa!

Whether You’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban, We Can Manufacture Your Custom Made Box With Printing and Ship It to Your Door! We Also Supply to Neighboring African Countries Such as Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho & More. No Matter Where You Are, We May Be Able to Ship to You.

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